LEGO Star Wars

I’ve written two LEGO Star Wars books, and both are out now from Scholastic.


Not to be confused with the Nicolas Cage/John Travolta movie FACE OFF, LEGO STAR WARS: FACE OFF takes various STAR WARS characters who never fought each other (in the STAR WARS movies or TV shows), and pits them against one another. Who would win? Who would lose? And all throughout the book, I list the weapons, tech, gear, home planets, and other details related to each character, and I make fun of all that stuff in a very LEGO STAR WARS sort of way. Tonally, this book is kind of like THE LEGO MOVIE; a steady stream of jokes, all in good fun. The book is illustrated by Dave White, who’s insanely talented.



THE OFFICIAL STORMTROOPER TRAINING MANUAL is narrated by a stormtrooper, who thinks of himself and his fellow stormtroopers as heroes. Of course, he also thinks of the rebels and the Jedis as villains. Half of this book is a “guide” to life as a stormtrooper, as “told” by our humble white-helmet-clad narrator. The other half is an activity book, packed with word searches, secret codes, trivia quizzes, and even haiku. Why haiku? Because I thought of some awesome STAR WARS-themed haiku which I just HAD to include in the book. Also it’s a form of poetry I really like and respect. If you’ve read the CLUB PENGUIN graphic novel I wrote for Penguin Random House a few years back (it’s called SHADOW GUY AND GAMMA GAL: HEROES UNITE), you may notice that I put some haiku in THAT book too. (And yes, the plural form of “haiku” IS “haiku.” So there.)