Cyberchase: The Misadventures Of Buzz & Delete

On the animated PBS Kids television series CYBERCHASE, Buzz and Delete are the wacky inept sidekicks of the series’ big bad, Hacker. In 2008, I was hired by PBS Kids to write a series of 4 animated CYBERCHASE shorts starring Buzz and Delete. Like CYBERCHASE proper, these “Misadventures Of Buzz and Delete” shorts would teach children simple math concepts, with lots of slapstick comedy and funny banter. They were great fun to write, and you can still see them on the site. Here’s one of them. (it taught kids about tessellation, but you could probably tell that by the title):

Can’t Wait To Tessellate

One of the “Misadventures” shorts, “Together Again,” concerns a Transformers-style toy robot that resembles Buzz and Delete’s boss, Hacker. Our heroes transform the toy into a vehicle called a “cyberplane,” and then they have to transform it back into “Hacker mode” by following the same steps they used to turn it into a vehicle…but to turn it back into Hacker, they have to follow those steps in reverse. So it’s supposed to teach kids about doing things in their proper sequence. It was a tricky one to write, but I really think it came out nicely. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s “Together Again”:


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