Law and Order: Legacies

Recently, I was a writer on the LAW & ORDER: LEGACIES videogame for Telltale Games. Episode 2 of the L&O game, which I worked on, is now available for PC and Mac. (It’s also available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.) Here’s a description of the episode, titled “Home to Roost”:

“A 1999 case. A man collapses on his own doorstep, with a large wound to his femoral artery. Briscoe and Curtis trace the crime to a group of gamblers and a lucrative underground cock-fighting ring.”

Here’s a trailer for “Home to Roost”!

For more info, check out the LAW & ORDER: LEGACIES website.

Reviews of the L&O game:

  • BRUTAL GAMER reviewed Episodes 1-3 of LAW & ORDER: LEGACIES – they gave the game four stars!
  • Here’s a POP CULTURE SPECTRUM review of LAW & ORDER: LEGACIES Episodes 1&2 (which mentions my work on Episode 2, as well as my work on the HOUSE M.D. game).