Meet Frankie Marble


Recently, I wrote three original graphic novels for kids: Frankie and the Dragon (illustrated by Cesar Samaneigo), Trevor, the Very Best Giant (illustrated by Miguel Diaz), and The Troll Under Puzzlefoot Bridge (illustrated by Alex Lopez). All three of these OGNs will be published by Capstone on January 1, 2021. I’ll be talking about Trevor, the Very Best Giant and The Troll Under Puzzlefoot Bridge in future blog posts.

But in the meantime, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about Frankie and the Dragon.

Here’s the official publisher’s description for this book: “Frankie Marble is shy. She is afraid of heights. She is too scared to enter the school talent show. But all that changes when she meets Bandit, the dog-that-is-definitely-not-a-dragon! Read all about their adventures in this graphic novel!”

Frankie and the Dragon is a tribute to my daughter Aviya. Like Frankie, Aviya is Black. Like Frankie, Aviya wears glasses. And like Frankie, Aviya is an introverted bookworm who loves to draw. Also, like Frankie, Aviya wears her hair in a “pineapple” hairstyle (at least sometimes). My daughter likes reading books and graphic novels which feature characters who look like her. I know she’s not alone in that regard. So in a way, this book is for all the nerdy Black girls out there who are like my daughter (and my wife, for that matter). Representation matters.

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