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Podcasts and Puppetry

Jason DeHart was kind enough to let me make a return visit to his podcast, “Words, Images, & Worlds,” and the interview is up NOW.

This time around, Jason and I talked about some of my more recent projects, like The X-Men Little Golden Book and my upcoming nonfiction book The Encyclopedia of Epic Myths and Legends.

And if you watch the video version of the interview via YouTube, you’ll see what this little blue puppet with the big sunken eyes has to do with everything.

Here’s Jason’s description of the interview: Prolific author Arie Kaplan talks X-Men ’97, Minecraft, Gilbert Gottfried, myths and legends, and much more!

That about sums it up.

You can see the whole interview below.

Check it out!


Sequential Crush Podcast Interview!

Recently, I was a guest on the Sequential Crush podcast, hosted by author and comics historian Jacque Nodell. We talked about my writing career, my creative influences, and more. I had a fantastic time talking to Jacque, and I hope you enjoy listening to the episode! 

Here’s Jacque’s description of the episode, from the Sequential Crush site:

“Join me for the first Sequential Crush podcast interview with writer Arie Kaplan. Arie has written for it all — TV, comics, magazines, and books, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Arie shares how he broke into pop culture writing, how he made a move from intern to professional, and he divulges his inspirations, faves, and dream projects.”

You can check out the interview HERE.



Creative Writing Life Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Creative Writing Life podcast, where Justin Sloan & Paul Zeidman interviewed me about what it’s like writing books, games, & TV shows for kids.

You can check out the interview HERE









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