Charlie’s Colorforms City

A couple of years ago, I wrote a freelance episode of the animated preschool series Charlie’s Colorforms City (Netflix). The episode is called “Charlie and Little Bo Peep.” It’s one of the “Classic Tales with a Twist” eps, and it’s currently streaming

Here’s the official synopsis of “Charlie and Little Bo Peep”:

“Animal detective Charlie is on the case! He disguises himself and goes undercover to help Little Bo Peep solve the mystery of her missing sheep.”

As you may be able to tell from that logline, this episode combines two of my writerly obsessions, fairy tales and detective stories. I had a great time penning the script for this episode, and I think the finished product looks spectacular. (But then again, I’m a bit biased.)

And you can watch a clip from “Charlie and Little Bo Peep” in this “Charlie Plays Dress Up: Costume Compilation” video from Netflix Jr’s YouTube channel. Check it out below. The clip from my episode is about a minute long. In it, you can see what Charlie’s idea of “going undercover” is:





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