Game Writing

Since 2008, I’ve worked steadily as a game writer (in other words, a screenwriter for video games). In this capacity, I’ve written the screenplays for many different video games, and I’ve worked for several game companies, including Nix Hydra Games, Endless Entertainment, Telltale Games, Jam City, Legacy Games, and Outspark. On the following pages, you’ll find out about some of the games I’ve worked on. On most of these games, I have a “written by” credit or a “story & dialog by” credit (depending on the game or the game company).

Dame Time: Ogden
eQuoo: The Next Generation: Lodestar
House M.D. – The Official Game
Law and Order: Legacies
Disaster Hero
Paranormal State: Poison Springs
Sherlock Holmes: Criminal Insight
Vanderpump Rules
Unannounced Project – Nix Hydra Games


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