Many many (many) years ago, I wrote scripts for the animation studio JibJab Media. This was back when JibJab was located in Brooklyn. When I worked for JibJab, I mostly wrote scripts for the Geezers online animated series, on a freelance basis. And the first Geezers short I wrote was the one you can see below, “Leo Loves Hillary.” The “Leo Loves Hillary” script was the first animation script I ever wrote. 

Oh! Also, writer/comedian Karen Sneider is the voice of Hillary Clinton in “Leo Loves Hillary.” She’s not listed in the credits, so I thought I’d mention that here. These days, Karen is a gag cartoonist for The New Yorker, among other publications. 

Finally, I should probably point out that I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and I would do so again in a minute. I wrote this script way back in the year 2000, before she was a presidential candidate.

Please contact me if you want to use this for any reason. arie@ariekaplan.com