GENERAL FORMAT NOTE: The format used here is as follows: character, publisher, title of comic book, issue number, publication date, title of story, length, and artist (the sections appear in that order). So for example, the first listing reads “Archie Andrews” (character), Archie Comics (publisher), Archie (title of comic book), 595 (issue number), 5/09 (pub date), “Home Insecurity” (title of story), 32 pp. (length), and Stan Goldberg (artist).

And if there is NO recurring central character, as in Tales From the Crypt (which features a different protagonist in every issue), there is no “character” section for that listing.

The New Kid From Planet Glorf was part of the “Comics Land” series of Capstone graphic novels, so there’s no “character” section for that listing, and I’ve just put “Comics Land” where the character section would normally be.

Also, with the exception of Club Penguin: Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite and The New Kid From Planet Glorf (both of which are graphic novels) and Penguins of Madagascar: Penguins on a Mission (which is a comic reader), all of the rest are single-issue comic book stories. Some of them are short stories and others are full-length.


Archie Andrews   Archie Comics
595 5/09 “Home Insecurity” 32 pp. Art: Stan Goldberg
Archie Digest        
260 3/10 MoCCA Madness” 7 pp. Art: Fernando Ruiz/ Jon D’ Agostino
Archie and Friends        
132 8/09 “Archie Is History! – Part 1” 22 pp. Art: Pat Kennedy/ Mark McKenna
133 9/09 “Archie Is History! – Part 2” 22 pp. Art: Pat Kennedy/ Mark McKenna
Bart Simpson       Bongo Comics
Bart Simpson        
57 2/11 The Day of the Mustache” 6 pp. Art: Nina Matsumoto/Mike Rote
67 2/12 “The Face That Launched a Thousand Blecchs” 8 pp. Art: Phil Ortiz/Mike DeCarlo
79 1/13 “Lisa’s Laughatory” 14 pp. Art: Nina Matsmoto/Andrew Pepoy
81 3/13 “Who the Bartman?” 8 pp. Art: Tone Rodriguez/Andrew Pepoy
94 1/15 “Me and My Shadow” 10 pp. Art: Jacob Chabot
Ben 10 DC Comics    
in Cartoon Network Action Pack        
24 2008 “Special Defects”        Art: Min S. Ku
Ben 10: Alien Force DC Comics    
in Cartoon Network Action Pack        
42 12/09 “Backcountry Battleground” 32 pp. Art: Min S. Ku/ Ethen Beavers
46 4/10 “Collectible Heroes” 32 pp. Art: Min S. Ku/ Phillip Moy
Bugs Bunny DC Comics    
in Looney Tunes        
172 5/09 “License to Kill…Wabbits” 9 pp. Art: Dave Santana
Club Penguin Grosset & Dunlap    
  08/10 “Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite” 61 pp. Art: Richard Carbajal
Comics Land Capstone Young Readers Group    
04/13 “The New Kid From Planet Glorf” 20 pp. Art: Jess Bradley
396 08/00 Quasi Rider”   Art: Don (Duck) Edwing
399 11/00 “Updated Board Games for the 21st Century”   Art: James Warhola
400 12/00 “Celebrity Palm Ads”   Art: Irving Schild
401 1/01 “New ‘Rock & Rap’ Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Flavors”   Art: Scott Bricher
407 7/01 Rap Music Predictions For the Coming Year”   Art: Drew Friedman
413 1/02 “ Bill Clinton’s $10 million book deal”   Art: Scott Bricher
414 2/02 “When Other Teen Idols Jump On The Young-Adult Novel Bandwagon”   Art: Drew Friedman, Rick Tulka, Ray Alma, Hermann Mejia
418 6/02 “The 21 Hottest Star Wars Episode II Internet Rumors”   Art: Hermann Mejia
419 7/02 “What If Chris Rock Performed At A Bar Mitzvah?”   Art: Drew Friedman
424 12/02 “Gulf Wars Episode II”   Art: Scott Bricher
429 5/03 “M. Night Shyamalan’s Proposal for the SpongeBob Movie”   Art: Drew Friedman
431 7/03 “ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”   Art: Scott Bricher
431 7/03 “MAD’s New Sesame Street Characters That Better Reflect Today’s World”   Art: Irving Schild
439 3/04 “Gangsta Rapper or IRA Sniper”   Art: ?
439 3/04 “Lords of the Bling”   Art: Mark Stutzman
444 8/04 “Spider-Man Has a Bad Week”   Art: Kevin Pope
451 3/05 “Madison Avenue Smackdown”   Art: Francis Mao/ Eric Powell
461 1/06 “The Sinister Hidden Agendas of Today’s Cartoon Characters”    
  Art: ?      
464 4/06 “The Scarlet Letter As Told To Paris Hilton”   Art: J. Scott Campbell/ Edgar Delgado
473 1/07 “No Action Comics: The Adventures of Paris”   Art: Sam Sisco
473 1/07 “Barbara Walters’ Firing of a Mad Black Woman”   Art: Sam Sisco
505 10/10 “A Sex Tape We Hope We Never See,” aka “The Betty White Sex Tape”   Art: ?
MAD Kids        
4 8/06 “Are You Growing Up…Or Are You Just a Mutant?” Art: ?    
Penguins of Madagascar Grosset & Dunlap    
in Penguins of Madagascar        
  10/10 “Penguins on a Mission”   Art: Screen grabs
Sailor Steve Costigan Dark Horse Comics    
in Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword    
9 09/14 “Paper Tiger” 8 pp. Art: Douglas Franchin
Shrek Ape Entertainment/ Kizoic
in Shrek        
1 09/10 “Golden Goose…Egg!” 20 pp. Art: Christine Larsen
The Simpsons Bongo Comics    
in Simpsons Winter Wingding        
3 11/08 “Not a (Green, Slimy) Creature Was Stirring” 10 pp.   Art: Phil Ortiz/ Mike DeCarlo
Speed Racer IDW Publishing    
in Chronicles of the Racer        
1 2/08 “Part 1: The Chariot of Mercury” 22 pp. Art: Robby Musso/ German Torres
2 2/08 “Part 2: Here There Be Dragons” . 22 pp Art: Robby Musso/ German Torres
3 3/08 “Part 3: The Ghost of the Deep” 22 pp. Art: German Torres
4 4/08 “Part 4: Racers of the Storm” 22 pp. Art: Robby Musso
5 4/08 Trade Paperback Collection 88 pp. Art: Robby Musso/ German Torres
Superman DC Comics    
in DC Universe Holiday Special ‘09        
  2/10 “Man of Snow” 4 pp. Art: Nick Runge/ Gabe Eltaeb
Tales From the Crypt Papercutz    
6 5/08 “Jumping the Shark” 22 pp. Art: Mr. Exes
Tweety and Sylvester DC Comics
in Looney Tunes        
189 10/10 Everyone’s a Critic” 6 pp. Art: Walter Carzon/ Ruben Torreiro
Cynotaur Devil’s Due/Fantasy Prone    
United Free Worlds        
6 8/09 “Maxtor’s Origins” 22 pp. Art: Patrick Blaine
7 7/10 Untitled 70 pp. Art: Patrick Blaine



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