“Dame Time: Ogden” Launched TODAY!


“Dame Time: Ogden” Launched TODAY!

Announcement time! As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I wrote the story bible, plot outline, and character dialogue for the video game Dame Time: Ogden, a puzzle-filled sci-fi adventure game starring NBA icon Damian Lillard. Well, that game went live TODAY, as part of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3! And you can play Dame Time: Ogden by clicking HERE.

Here’s a brief description of the game, from the home page of the official Dame Time: Ogden website:

“Play as basketball superstar Damian Lillard as his adventures unfold in the metaverse. In Dame Time: Ogden, the adventure revolves around Damian’s time at his alma mater, and chronicles his run ins with the enigmatic Whisperer, who is intent on troubling Damian as much as possible! With the help of the Clockmaker and your demon friend, Anzu, you must solve puzzles, complete challenging parkour, and fight a slew of enemies as you learn about the mysterious L12 organization, and get to the bottom of The Whisperer’s plots!”

I spent several months working on Dame Time: Ogden with the development team at MetaVenture Studios, the gaming division of Grow Your Base. I’m really proud of the game we made. And I can’t wait for you to meet Damian Lillard (the video game version), as well as The Clockmaker, Anzu, The Whisperer, and all of the other characters in this game. But this game isn’t just rich in characters, it’s rich in concepts and lore. Want to learn what the omnipresent L12 corporation is up to? Only one way to find out: play the game! 

Oh, and just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for Dame Time: Ogden



If you want to learn more about The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, click HERE

And for more info about Dame Time: Ogden specifically, go HERE



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