Dame Time: Ogden


Dame Time: Ogden

Recently, I wrote the story bible, the plot outline, and all of the character dialogue for the video game Dame Time: Ogden, developed by MetaVenture Studios, the gaming division of Grow Your Base. Dame Time: Ogden is a puzzle-filled adventure game, it’s exclusive to the Sandbox Metaverse, and it will drop as part of the Sandbox Alpha Season 3, which launches on Wednesday August 24th, 2022.

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world. You can find out more about it HERE.

But I know why you’re REALLY here. You’re here to see the trailer for Dame Time: Ogden, aren’t you? Well, here it is:


And here’s the official description of the game:

Dame Time: Ogden is an escape room and obstacle course adventure game, which also includes elements of fighting, platforming, parkour, and action. It is a narrative-driven game that mixes genres and also includes several ‘Easter Egg’ collectibles to find.

The player experiences the game through the eyes of US basketball star Damian Lillard, aka ‘Dame,’ while he is attending Weber State University in Ogden, Utah on a basketball scholarship.

After his harrowing exploits in Oakland, Damian arrives at college and is rejoined by some familiar faces – like the Clockmaker and Anzu, the cute demon helper.

Damian is attending Weber State University in Ogden, Utah on a basketball scholarship. This scholarship is one of the last sports programs available in this alternative universe dubbed ‘The Unfinished World’ – a world dominated by half-finished buildings covered in scaffolding – the product of an advanced but collapsed economy. Damian once again runs into the enigmatic Whisperer, who seems determined to cause as much trouble for Damian as possible, as he discovers just how much influence and power the Whisperer wields.

While exploring hidden passageways and mysterious secrets below the campus, Damian uncovers another abandoned lab yielding more information about Dominic Hatch, the mysterious ‘L12 organization,’ and evidence of strange happenings on the moon.

Can Damian get to the bottom of the Whisperer’s plots and uncover the truth about L12? Are they connected? Where on Earth will this rabbit hole lead him next?”

For more info on Dame Time: Ogden, go HERE.  

And to find out more about The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, go HERE.




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