I’m In the Weekly Humorist’s “Best of 2022” List!


I’m In the Weekly Humorist’s “Best of 2022” List!

Last year, I wrote a humor piece called, “Other Catchphrases John Wilkes Booth Considered Before ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis!'”

It was originally published by The Weekly Humorist in February 2022. Earlier this month, it was selected as part of The Weekly Humorist’s “Best of 2022” list!

Thanks for including me on the list, Marty Dundics and Kit Lively!

Also, thanks to my friend and fellow comedy writer Matt Cohen for helping me workshop this humor piece. 

To check out the “John Wilkes Booth” humor piece, click on THIS link and go to page two (there are two pages of content in the “Best of 2022” list).

You can also see it by clicking HERE.

Oh, and speaking of The Weekly Humorist’s annual “Best Of” lists, another one of my humor pieces, “Thanks To The Pandemic, Nobody Cares That I’m A Centaur,” was on WH’s “Best of 2021” list (which came out around this time last year). You can read that “Centaur” piece HERE.

And if you’re interested in seeing some of the humor pieces I’ve written for other publications (including Points in Case, Defenestration, The Daily Drunk, and more), just check out the “Humor, Fiction, and Essay” page on this site. 



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