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Kings of Comics, How Jews Created the Comic Book Industry

Knowing that I’m both a huge comic book fan and a writer for MAD Magazine, Reform Judaism Magazine asked me to write a three-part series on the history of Jews in comic books, “Kings of Comics”. I got to interview industry legends like Will Eisner, Stan Lee, Jerry Robinson, and Joe Kubert, newer talents like Jon Bogdanove and Chris Claremont, and even my MAD colleagues like Drew Friedman, Peter Kuper, and Al Jaffee.

Part I: The Golden Age (1933-1955)

Part II: The Silver Age (1956-1978)

Part III: The Bronze Age (1979- )

Wizards of Wit – How Jews Revolutionized American Comedy

Reform Judaism Magazine wanted to write a series on Jewish Comedy Writers, so they chose (who else?) a Jewish Comedy Writer. I’m very proud of this series, especially since I got to interview some of my heroes, including Carl Reiner, Larry Gelbart, Paul Peter Porges, Nora Ephron and Lewis Black, among many others.

Part 1 – 1950 to 1969

Part 2 – 1970 to 1989

Part 3 – 1990 to Present


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