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Looney Tunes #172

One of the Bugs Bunny comics I wrote, “License to Kill…Wabbits” (it’s a James Bond spoof starting Bugs and Elmer) is the cover story in Looney Tunes #172, out now from DC Comics. The cover is emblazoned with the legend “Quantum of Carrot,” and there are references to about ten James Bond movies (as well as the Bourne Ultimatum) in that story.

The Simpsons Winter Winging #3

One of my comics stories, “Not A (Green, Slimy) Creature Was Stirring,” is featured on page 29-38 of The Simpsons Winter Winging #3, from Bongo Comics. The story is penciled by the incredible Phil Ortiz and inked by the amazing Mike DeCarlo. In “Not A (Green, Slimy)…,” Krusty the Clown realizes that there are plenty of Christmas mascots (i.e. Rudolph, Frosty), but there aren’t any Hanukkah mascots! So he embarks on a mission to create one…and he comes up with the most grotesque “mascot” imaginable! It’s a perfectly cromulent tale for the holiday season, one that promises to embiggen the spirit!

Tales from the Crypt #6

In “Jumping the Shark,” a reality TV producer, fond of dreaming up horrible ways to torture the show’s contestants, doesn’t stop pitching shows, even after he dies!

Cartoon Network Action Pack: Ben 10

“Special Defects,” a BEN 10 comics story where Ben fights a deranged Hollywood special effects whiz, can be found in CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #24. Published by DC Comics and boasting knockout art by Min S. Ku, it’s the only BEN 10 story to date to feature a full-on battle between Dracula and the Wolfman — how can you NOT read it? On Sale April 9, 2008


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