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Speed Racer, Chronicles of the Racer

I wrote a SPEED RACER miniseries for IDW Publishing called SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER. It was illustrated by the incredible Robby Musso, of TRANSFORMERS comics fame, and German Torres.

In SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER, Speed finds himself pursued by a mysterious stranger…and the stranger seems to know more about Speed’s family history than he does. Soon, Speed discovers that he’s the last in a long line of “Racers,” champions who were chosen by fate to out-race the evils of this world. The story alternates between the present-day adventures of Speed chasing after his cryptic foe, and the past Racers battling an eerily similar villain. Specifically, we see the Racers of Ancient Rome, Medieval England, the Golden Age of Piracy, and the Old West. Like TIME BANDITS or STAR WARS, SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER is the ultimate children’s adventure story, chock full of chariot races, knights in shining armor, princesses, dragons, pirates, monsters, giant robots, and cowboys. And lots and lots of racing. Also, while it’s largely a children’s comic, there are also plenty of Easter Eggs for older, long-time SPEED RACER fans to enjoy.

The collected TPB of this mini is out now.

Please feel free to check out more information on my SPEED RACER mini online:

IDW’s official press release for SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER.

Here’s a link to a 5-page B&W preview of the art for SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER #1, as well as a cover gallery for that issue:


Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer #1

“Mach Go Go Go!” Speed Racer and all of the characters you know and love—from Trixie to Chim-Chim and beyond—is back in all-new adventures!

Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer #2

In medieval England, inexperienced teenager Sprint Rackham must outrace a madman who’s kidnapped Lady Beatrix via his giant mechanical dragon. Even with a suit of armor designed by a wizard, can Sprint rescue her in time? Meanwhile in the present, Speed, Racer X, and Trixie find themselves one step closer to the mystery carjacker, as they come under attack in a super-garage beneath Mercury Pictures!

Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer #3

Continuing the story of past Racers throughout history! Part Han Solo, part Jack Sparrow, and all Racer, Reed Saber is a pirate king whose open road is the open seas—until he crosses swords with the enigmatic Ghost of the Deep, who’s got a secret of his own! And why do both adversaries carry different halves of the same amulet?

Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer #4

A lunatic has rigged a train to explode, and it’s heading for the sleepy town of Mahfoon, Arizona. Only Navajo bounty hunter Sleek Raven can out-race the locomotive and save the town…


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