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Creative Writing Life Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Creative Writing Life podcast, where Justin Sloan & Paul Zeidman interviewed me about what it’s like writing books, games, & TV shows for kids.

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2021 Interviews With Yours Truly!

Last month, I was interviewed by Rebecca Kaplan (no relation) for the geek culture site Comics Bookcase. During the interview, I talked about my career as a comic book writer and children’s author.

Around that same time, I was a guest on Jeramy Moore’s Storymakers podcast. This was a wide-ranging interview about my writing career.

And, just in case you missed them, here are some other press interviews with yours truly from earlier this year:

For Jurassic June (which happened in – wait for it – June), I was interviewed by Thomas Fishenden for the Jurassic Park Podcast. In this interview, I talked about the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World children’s books I’ve written. That interview was broken up into two parts. Part one is here, and part two is here.

In March, as part of WonderCon 2021, I was on a virtual panel that attempted to answer the question: “Who’s the most neurotic superhero?” The other panelists were Travis Langley, Leandra Parris, J.J. Sedelmeier, and R. Sikoryak. The panel was moderated by Danny Fingeroth. 

Also in March, David P. Levin hosted a panel discussion on his Pop Goes the Culture show to discuss the Disney Plus series WandaVision. I was one of the panelists. The other panelists were Danny Fingeroth, Ray Alma, Steve Van Patten, Adam Freeman, and special guest Fred Melamed, who played Vision’s boss in WandaVision.

And last but definitely not least, in February, I was a guest on the MulDiversity podcast, where I was interviewed by Jonita Davis, Mike Majett, Quamani Greer, Avia Knighten, Aaron M. Johnson, and Keisha Malone. During the interview, we discussed my career in comics, my work as a television comedy writer, and more.


Are you ready to break from tradition?

Hello everyone,

Are you ready to break from tradition?

That’s the question posed to Speed Racer in part four of SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER, which went on sale Wednesday, April 9th. Here’s the promo copy for the fourth and final issue of this miniseries: “Writer Arie Kaplan and artist Robby Musso conclude their story of past Racers throughout history. In the Old West, a lunatic has rigged a train to explode, and it’s heading for the sleepy town of Mahfoon, Arizona. Only Navajo bounty hunter Sleek Raven can out-race the locomotive and save the town…using a newfangled contraption called an ‘automobile.’ Meanwhile in the present, the immortal cyborg responsible for the mysterious car-jacking crime wave unveils his grand scheme…and the part he wants Speed to play in it!”

And yes, Speed fans, you read that correctly: this is the FINAL issue of SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER. BUT! The trade paperback collection of all four issues goes on sale on April 23rd! It boasts a cover gallery, as well as portraits of Robby Musso and I as Racer X and Speed Racer respectively (no, I’m not kidding). Also, keep checking www.idwpublishing.com in the coming weeks for special “director’s commentary” pages by yours truly, where I’ll be revealing all the hidden Easter Eggs and “geek-out” moments layered throughout every issue of this SPEED mini. Meanwhile…

SPEED RACER #4 isn’t my only comic book story currently on sale. “Special Defects,” a BEN 10 comics story where Ben fights a deranged Hollywood special effects whiz, can be found in CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #24. Published by DC Comics and boasting knockout art by Min S. Ku, it’s the only BEN 10 story to date to feature a full-on battle between Dracula and the Wolfman — how can you NOT read it?

Also, here are links to more information about SPEED RACER: CHRONICLES OF THE RACER:


And last BUT NOT LEAST, for those of you attending the NEW YORK COMIC CON, legendary MAD cartoonist Al Jaffee, longtime SPIDER-MAN writer/editor Danny Fingeroth, and I are doing a panel there on Sunday, April 20th at Noon (room 1E04) to promote Danny’s recent book DISGUISED AS CLARK KENT: JEWS, COMICS, AND THE CREATION OF THE SUPERHERO. During the event, I may even talk a little about my upcoming book FROM KRAKOW TO KRYPTON: JEWS AND COMIC BOOKS. Here’s the promotional blurb from the NYCC website:

“Is the mighty Thor Jewish? Danny Fingeroth, longtime Spider-Man editor and author of SUPERMAN ON THE COUCH, discusses his new book, DISGUISED AS CLARK KENT, which explores how the Jewish backgrounds of the creators of the best-known superheroes helped make them our most familiar pop culture icons. Fingeroth, Arie Kaplan (MASTERS OF THE COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE REVEALED!), and others discuss
Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (Superman), Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (X-Men), and Will Eisner (The Spirit).”

Hope to see some of you there! Thanks, and I hope you’re all doing well!
Speed-ily yours,


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